We are proud to announce the launch of our new website design! With the coming of the holiday season (and safely after Black Friday/Cyber Monday), we thought it would be a good time to launch our site redesign. We streamlined our main pages and improved the aesthetics, while minimizing changes to navigation and functionality for our returning customers. So if you haven’t visited Ameena’s website recently, stop by and let us know what you think about the new design! And if you know anyone who needs a new mattress, imagine how an Ameena box would look wrapped up under their tree!


The Ameena Mattress

The Ameena Mattress room scene

After 16 years researching and selling mattresses, US-Mattress has taken their expertise and created their very own mattress from the ground up. We set out to create a high-quality mattress at a great value, and with a versatile comfort. The result is the Ameena mattress. This foam-based mattress combines three different layers in a logical way to provide enough cushioning for side sleepers, and enough support for back and stomach sleepers. The goal was to create a mattress that everyone could enjoy, taking the hassle out of mattress shopping. Not to mention the Ameena mattress is very affordable in all standard sizes.

The materials that make up the Ameena mattress are Energex Foam, Thermaphase Gel Memory Foam, and Breathable Base Foam. Energex Foam provides pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning, promote deeper REM sleep, and improve blood circulation. Energex Foam is also 50% more durable than memory foam! The next layer is made of Thermaphase Gel Memory Foam. This layer is designed to help you sleep cool, more efficiently dissipating heat than standard memory foam. Lastly, the Breathable Base Foam layer provides the deep-down support your body needs. This layer is also breathable to help regulate temperature, and adapts to all body types.

Whether you are looking for an easy and affordable solution for your dorm room, or a lasting mattress that your whole family can enjoy, the Ameena mattress is the perfect solution. The Ameena mattress was designed to fulfill the desires of every kind of sleeper, and whether you want an easy buying process, a near-universal comfort, or an affordable value, the Ameena delivers. It also comes backed by one of the best warranties, return policies, and trial periods in the industry!

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120-Night Risk-Free Trial

ameena 120 night trial

The Ameena mattress is designed to give busy consumers an easy solution for quality sleep. It is affordable, made from high-quality materials, and designed to accommodate all sleeping types. We set out to create a mattress that anyone can order and enjoy, eliminating the hassle of mattress shopping. Because we are an honest company looking to provide consumers with a quality product and value, we offer a 120-night risk-free trial period where you can try the Ameena mattress in your home. We do this not because we think it needs to be tried, but because we want to put your concerns at ease. If you don’t love your Ameena mattress, we’ll come get it. And don’t feel guilty, because we will donate the mattress you returned to someone in need. We want you to love your mattress, and the best way for us to get people on an Ameena mattress is to let them try it with no risk and a full refund. We’re confident you won’t want to give it back!

Free Shipping and Returns

free del am

In our quest to provide consumers with simple, quality sleep, we are determined to make every step of the mattress buying process simple. Just as our mattress has a straightforward design that works for the largest demographic of sleepers, our online buying process is as simple and straightforward as possible.

The price you see on our website is the price you pay. You don’t have to worry about doing the math on shipping and handling charges, and you don’t have to worry about the risk if you dislike the mattress. After ordering the size that is best for your situation, we will have your mattress delivered for free — simple as that. Once you receive your mattress, you may find that it just isn’t right for you. And that’s okay! We understand that some people out there may not enjoy our mattress. More likely, we understand that there is a risk in buying a mattress any time, especially online. So our goal was to make this aspect simple and risk-free. If you aren’t loving your Ameena mattress after sleeping on it for a while, just let us know and we’ll come pick it up and refund your money, with no charge to you! And don’t feel guilty about returning your mattress, as it will be donated to someone in need.

Our goal is to offer consumers a quality product, with honest and straightforward policies, and a risk-free process to make the chore of mattress shopping a breeze. Why not give the Ameena mattress a try? You’ve got nothing to lose!

One Mattress, Every Lifestyle

If you’ve found this blog, you were probably looking for more information about the Ameena mattress. We’ve been so busy getting everything going and filling orders that we haven’t had a lot of time to take a step back from it all.

The philosophy behind the Ameena mattress is simple: we created one product that will accommodate the needs of any sleeper. No more worrying about firm or soft, innerspring or memory foam, a large investment or an affordable one. If you don’t want to bother with the headache of visiting showrooms, price comparing, and cramming information about the advancements in mattress technology over the last decade, just order an Ameena mattress and you can be confident you are getting a great value and a comfortable mattress that will last the next 10 years or more.

Our slogan is “One Mattress, Every Lifestyle,” a simple philosophy in a complex world.


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How Much Sleep Do Different Age Groups Need?

Recommended Sleep Times for Different Age GroupsEven though it’s general knowledge that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep, it’s not always so obvious that that number isn’t the same for other age groups. Even the adult age group is divided into three different, albeit related, groups.

The National Sleep Foundation officially recognizes nine different age groups, each with a recommended amount of sleep. Six sleep experts worked in conjunction with a number of other health experts to develop this list, basing their decision off a comprehensive analysis of studies concerning sleep and health.

The age groups, with their sleep needs, break down like this:

  • Newborns
    • Age range: 0–3 months
    • Recommended Sleep: 14–17 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 11 hours, or as much as 19 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 11 hours or over 19 hours
  • Infants
    • Age range: 4–11 months
    • Recommended Sleep: 12–15 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 10 hours, or as much as 18 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 10 hours or over 18 hours
  • Toddlers
    • Age range: 1–2 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 11–14 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 9 hours, or as much as 16 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 9 hours or over 16 hours
  • Preschoolers
    • Age range: 3–5 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 10–13 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 8 hours, or as much as 14 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 8 hours or over 14 hours
  • School-age Children
    • Age range: 6–13 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 9–11 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 7 hours, or as much as 12 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 7 hours or over 12 hours
  • Teens
    • Age range: 14–17 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 8–10 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 7 hours, or as much as 11 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 7 hours or over 11 hours
  • Young Adults
    • Age range: 18–25 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 7–9 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 6 hours, or as much as 11 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 6 hours or over 11
  • Adults
    • Age range: 26–64 years
    • Recommended Sleep: 7–9 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 6 hours, or as much as 10 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 6 hours or over 10 hours
  • Older Adults
    • Age range: 65 years and older
    • Recommended Sleep: 7–8 hours
    • Allowable Fluctuations: As little as 5 hours, or as much as 9 hours
    • Not Recommended: Under 5 hours or over 9 hours

You’ll notice that there’s a fair amount of leeway in each age group. It’s totally okay if you need a little more or less sleep than everyone else — everyone is different! If you’ve never tracked your sleep needs before, follow these steps from to find out what your ideal number is.