10 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours

If you love interior design, and you love sleep, then a well-designed bedroom is probably one of your favorite sights. Check out these ten bedrooms for a little inspiration!

1. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena1

Who could resist this cozy cabin design? And those ceiling beams — they’re the stuff of dreams. It’s like being outdoors without being outdoors. There can’t be a better way to escape the craziness of life. See the entire cabin here for more woodsy inspiration.

2. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena2

This bedroom perfectly encapsulates French Country style and blends it with natural holiday décor. The pine boughs everywhere are perfect for creating a charming, Christmas-y atmosphere without overwhelming the space with themed knickknacks. Check out the rest of these natural decorations here for your own country Christmas.

3. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena3

This teal-and-white color scheme is bold and trendy, and that Victorian-style bed is gorgeous. The combination of the more Old World elements with the modern two-tone is a fantastic juxtaposition of different eras. If you tend to feel like you’re caught between two worlds, this is the perfect inspiration for you.

4. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena4

The exotic inspiration for this bedroom is the perfect complement to today’s modern design trends. Those bold geometric lines and the pop of color on the bedding make it deliciously memorable. Want to see more of this Moroccan beauty? Visit Elle Décor for more of this vividly styled abode.

5. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena5

Another gorgeously rustic bedroom, this time from Lake Joseph, Muskoka in Ontario. The different wood tones of the walls just slay me — there’s no end to their depth. No need for many wall decorations in this room. See this home and more like it from Timothy Johnson Design.

6. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena7

There’s no way to spice up a room like creating an accent wall. The vibrant pink-and-white pattern of this wallpaper is exactly what this space needed to give it a little life. Combined with the beautiful wood floor, the natural greens, and the white bed, it’s a great way to make this bedroom fresh and bright.

7. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena8

What could have been yet another trendy Industrial loft apartment is now way cooler. This gorgeous cloud mural is a fantastic way to bring natural elements into the bedroom, as well as an illusion of extra light and space. Check out this Apartment Therapy post to see this room and more like it.

8. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena6

Another cabin with beautiful beams — and the unfinished look of the wood gives it a more Industrial Rustic tone. The addition of the brick wall works with the natural tones of the room, showcasing a slightly Modern take on a century-old cottage. The old wood furniture, of course, completes the mood. Check out this room and other cottage-style spaces here.

9. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena10

This may be only a small portion of a bedroom, but the lace-inspired stencil on the wall is to die for. It’s the perfect wall accent to add elegant background detail. This design is great because it looks good with flowery or feminine furniture styles, as shown above, or with the straight, smooth lines of more Contemporary pieces. Find out more about this design here.

10. 13 Bedrooms We Wish Were Ours - Ameena9

Done right, and all-white room can be the most tranquil place in your home. This bedroom combines classic moldings with Modern décor and a super comfy bed to create a lasting calming effect that will appeal to all senses of style. A touch of black here and there will anchor the space and keep it from looking sterile. Check out more photos here.


If you could redesign your bedroom, how would yours look? If you do, don’t forget the most important part — your mattress. With a redesigned room and an Ameena mattress, you can have the bedroom and the sleep you’ve always wanted.

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